Floor Warming

Calorique Floor Warming
Calorique's floor warming system provides even, comfortable warmth that permeates a room. With floor warming, not only are surfaces warmed and people made comfortable, but the floor is warmed to just the right amount for it to be the most pleasant to walk upon.

Convential Heating System
Because radiant heat does not depend upon moving large volumes of air, dust and contaminants in the air and room are reduced. 

Calorique's radiant floor warming systems are extremely energy efficient. Homeowners throughout the world use floor warming systems not only for their increased comfort levels, but also because they use as much as 20% less energy than other forms of heating, since all the heat energy is directed into the living space rather than heating the air along the walls. 

Warm Floors™ Under-Floor Warming System

Ideal for new construction and areas where access to the floor joists is possible, the Under-Floor Warming System is attached between the floor joists with a small, 2" (5 cm) air space between the elements and the floor surface.

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Installed Warming Elements