DRUM HEATER Safety and Percautions



                                     Read this warning before operating the drum heaters for metal drums.

The following precautions must be observed to avoid possible injury or property damage!

The Drum or Pail Heater MUST NOT be used in any area where FLAMMABLE VAPORS may, AT ANY TIME, be present.  Failure to observe this caution can result in a fire or explosion.

Monitor the temperature while heating your material!

Do not use the Drum or Pail Heater to heat FLAMMABLE MATERIALS.  Explosion or fire could result.

The Drum or Pail Heater surface is HOT during operation.  Do not use the Drum or Pail Heater on or near where combustible substances can be ignited, resulting in a fire.

Never use the Drum Heater to heat flammable materials or use in hazardous areas!

To avoid heater failure, do not allow the heater and/or the controls to become wet or spill materials upon them.

The Drum or Pail Heater must be ELECTRICALLY GROUNDED to avoid the possibility of electrical shock to the operator.  Never alter or remove the special high ampere, three pin, electrically grounded plug supplied as an integral part of the heater.

The USER must determine the suitability of the Drum or Pail Heater for the intended heating application.  DO NOT LEAVE the Drum or Pail Heater UNATTENDED during the heating cycle.  Disconnect the heater from the wall receptacle when it is not in use.


The level of the material being heated must be above the top edge of the Drum or Pail Heater to ensure the best temperature sensing and heater life.

Vent the container while heating or it may explode.

DO NOT use drain spouts or valves on drums or pails that can fail at elevated temperatures, causing leaks, loss of material and/or possible  personal injury to the operator.

Make absolutely sure that the Drum or Pail Heater is tightly clamped upon the container!

NEVER use a Drum or Pail Heater inside or adjacent to HEAVY AIRBORNE DUST LOCATIONS such as grain elevators, grain silos, hay storage areas, etc...

Know how applied heat will affect your material before using the Drum or Pail Heater.  If you are not sure how to heat your material, do not use the Drum or Pail Heater until you are informed as to how the application of heat will affect your material.

Trouble: Please, call: (847) 678-8870 for help!



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A return authorization form is required prior to return of the unit to Acra Electric Corporation.  All returned products are refused unless a return authorization form accompanies the shipment.

Please, refer to the WARNINGS and the Operating Instructions accompanying this warranty before operating your new Acra Electric Product.