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Konbo Controller
Konbo 480 Analog Temperature Controller
Priced @ $99.00

We only Stock this in the RTD Sensing Controller
0 to 600°F Non Indicating
For other configurations Please Call.

  • Type RTD Sensing
  • Relay output
  • 0 to 800º F
  • field selectable for ON/Off or Time Porportioning!

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  • Konbo 480
    1/16 DIN analog temperature controller.
    • Uncomplicated and economical general purpose controller.
    • Open sensor protection.
    • On/off and time proportioning control.
    • Thermocouple (J, K) or RTD inputs.
    • Relay or DC voltage-pulse outputs.
    • F temperature scale.
    • Plug-in or panel-mount installation.
    • 1/16 DIN configuration.
    The Konbo 480 is our most economical, general purpose controller. It offers a simple-to-operate dial indicator and features both on/off and time-proportional controls. The 480 is perfect for applications where more expensive advanced features aren’t needed and for OEM applications which call for easy installation. Industrial control applications for the 480 include plastics and rubber molding, textile processing, food baking, hot stamping, and control of flow ordering machinery.

    A number of features make this controller an excellent choice. The 480 offers automatic thermocouple cold junction compensation to provide accurate control regardless of ambient conditions. Open sensor protection prevents your system from overheating in the event of sensor failure.

    The controller operates at either 110 or 220V AC, and can be ordered in either Fahrenheit or Celsius configurations.

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