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TH4X Weather Proof Thermostat
4X Bulb and Cap Heavy duty Outdoor Thermostat
Nelson Corrosion Resistant, Adjustable Thermostats.
Perfect for Pipe heating and Heat cable projects. Designed for heavy duty Industrial applications.
  • Single Pole Double Throw Contacts: Rated at 22 amps @ 480- volt AC
  • 4X cover
  • Water-resistant construction NEMA 4X
  • Ambient Sening or Pipe Sensing
  • Conforms to international standards including UL, CSA, and IEC safety standards and EMC.
TA4X140 Bulletin    / TF4X40 Bulletin    / TH4X325 Bulletin    
Nelson 4X Thermostat !
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4X Weather Proof Thermostat!
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Capilary Length Temperature Range Amps Adjustable Weight Price $
TA4X140 N/A
Ambient Sensing
15 - 140F 22 SPDT Internal Adj 4 Please Call
TH4X325 10 ft 25 - 325F 22 SPDT Internal Adj 4 Please Call
TF4X40 3 ft 40F 22 SPST Fixed Setpoint 4 Please Call

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