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Autotonics T3S Controller
Non-Programable Controller
Autotonics Temperature Controls!
Easy to use, designed to make it easy to setup and easy to run. Still provides accurate control.
Control methods include: ON/OFF, PID
Thermal Equipment has been in the Process control business since 1973, we can provide answers to you temperature control problems.
Autonics T3S 1/16 DIN digital temperature controller.
  • Bright, easy-to-read LED display.
  • Thumbwheel switch setting of setpoint.
  • Manual reset potentiometer.
  • Displays PV and SV simultaneously.
  • Thermocouple (J, K) input, 0-799F.
  • Relay or DC voltage pulse outputs.
  • 90-264V AC power supply.
The Autonics T3S is a general purpose controller offering reliable service at a low price. The unit is easy to operate even for new users. It features straight-forward push buttons that allow you to input a setpoint and a clear plastic shield to protect buttons from being pushed accidentally.

This controller has a bright, three-digit LED display to inform you of process temperature at all times. Deviations from target temperature are easy to evaluate since the setpoint also is shown on the front panel. A manual reset potentiometer lets you tweak the temperature slightly up or down to eliminate even small variances from your target setpoint. The T3S supports both on/off and proportional controls which the user can select with a simple jumper plug.

1/16TH DIN Size, Thermocouple Input,
Relay Output, 0-799°F, 85-264 VAC
Type J Thermocouple
Type k Thermocouple
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