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TX48 Series Controller
Easy Non-Programable Controller
TX48 Temperature Controls!
The TX-48 controller series from Toho Electronics offers reliable service for a variety of process control applications. The TX-48A and TX-48B are identical controllers with respect to internal design, but each offers a different type of digital indication. The TX-48A features a bright three-digit LED display that shows you the current process temperature at all times. The TX-48B features an array of five LEDs which function as a deviation indicator. A quick glance at the TX-48B lets you know immediately if your process is at setpoint without having to read and interpret any numbers.

Both units are easy to use right out of the box and feature simple push-button operation to input setpoint. A clear plastic shield protects buttons from accidental change. You can select either on/off or proportional control by setting an accessible jumper plug. A potentiometer on the front panel allows you to fine-tune the system to correct slight deviations in a stabilized temperature.

The TX-48L model is a digital indicator that can be used to convert temperature input, into a current of voltage output.

Toho TX-48 Series 1/16 DIN controllers with manual settings.
  • Simultaneous display of SV and PV-choice of LED numerical display or LED array deviation indicator.
  • 110 or 220V AC, 12V or 24V DC power supply.
  • Relay, SSR driver voltage pulse, 4-20mA, 1-5V DV, 0-1V DC, 0-10mV DC outputs.
  • Thermocouples (J, K) or RTD, 4-20mA, 1-5V DC inputs.
  • On/Off and time proportioning control.
  • Manual reset potentiometer.
  • Easy push-button operation.
  • Upscale burn-out protection.
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ModelTemperature RangeIndicationThermocouplePriceAdd To Cart
TX48B-02-JX 0-799 F Deviation Type J $155.00
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