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Yokogawa Controller
Yokogawa UT150L or UT350L
Yokogawa UT150L
  • High or low limit latching action
  • Easy-to-read 4-digit 20mm high LED PV display
  • Thermocouple, RTD, DC current, and voltage inputs
  • Two programmable alarm outputs
  • Four-digit display of variable and setpoint; alarms, limit, and output status indication LEDs
  • PV or setpoint output as 4-20mA
  • Optional RS-485 communications
  • Drip-proof front panel (IP55 compatible)
  • 100-240V AC (±10%) universal power supply
  • Password protection
  • Compact 16th size
  • FM, CSA, and UL approved
Configurable as either a high or low limit controller
PDF spec sheetPDF spec sheet
It could happen one day. Your process equipment might lose its cool. That’s why the new UT150L was developed—to be there when your machinery loses control. The UT150L was designed to accept input from virtually any processing system. This FM–approved, 16th DIN limit controller is configurable as either a high or low limit. Features include universal input, retransmission output, two alarm outputs, and an optional RS-485 communications package. To further safeguard your system, its timer will track the total time the setpoint has been exceeded, and a register will retain the maximum temperature reached. An LED display with Large characters makes the process variable easy to read.
UT High Limit Controller!
UT - High limit Control Controller Usually in Stock in 16th Din Size!
UL150L - Control Output   Relay output only   Usually in Stock!
Inputs   Universal Programmble Inputs (TC - RTD - Millivolt - Milliamp)
Alarm Options Usually in Stock with Alarms!
Optional Functions Usually non-stock adds 2 weeks delivery!
Auxilery Options Usually non-stock adds 2 weeks delivery!

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