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Dolly Heater!

  • Drum dolly heats 55 gallons of water to 140º F in 8 hours
  • Ideal for heat-sensitive materials
  • 900 lb. load capacity

  • Unique and versatile heater drum dolly is designed for non-flammable, non-hazardous materials. Unit has a 15 1/4" square aluminum heating platen and adjustable infinite heat control. Gives pulsing heat action that prevents improper heat build-up. Dolly rolls on four 3" diameter phenolic swivel casters. Measures 28 1/2" outside diameter x 24" inside diameter x 6" high. Supplied with 6' power cord and plug. Industrial outlet required.

  • Designed for use indoors

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    Portable Drum Dolly's!
    Catalog# Drum Size Diameter Voltage Wattage Weight Price $ Add To Cart
    HDD-55-120 55 22-1/2 120 Volts 1780 80 699.81
    HDD-55 55 22-1/2 240 Volts 1920 80 699.81

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    Note: ** Ambient Conditions assumed = start up temperatures!
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