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Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone Rubber Heaters
Silicone Rubber heaters:
Designed for Tank Heating Applications. Systems use one of 3 methods of attaching Heaters to the exterior of tank.
  • Silicone heaters can be bonded directly to the tank with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) 450°.
  • Heaters are provided with eyelets to secure heaters with wire or tied around the tank.
  • Heaters are Provided with Spring locking mechanism.
It is inexpensive and provides a highly reliable way of mounting a flexible heater to tanks. Silicone haters are the easiest and most flexible way of Maintaining the temperature of process vessels.



.018" and up to .070"

Temperature Range:

-60F to +450F continuously
-80F to +500F intermittenly

Resistant To:

Moisture, Chemicals, Ozone, Fungus and Radiation

Max. Size:

Up to 35" wide and unlimited length

Voltages: Up to 750 volts
Approvalss: UL -- CSA -- FM
Non Hazardous Silicone Mats Mats for Hazordous Environments

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