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PowerTote Wrap-Around Heater For Plastic and Metal Totes


  • Full coverage With Plug
  • Fits any tote tank width from 40" x 40" (1016mm x 1016mm) to 48" x 48" (1219mm x 1219mm)
  • Two height sizes: 46", 53"
  • Even Heat over the entire Tote
  • Max Temperature Range 160° F
  • Attachment method: adjustable nylon straps with buckles
  • Rubber Membrane Weather Proof Jacket
  • 1" (6mm) fiberglass insulation
  • Power cord 6 feet (1.8m) long with standard power plug
    • 120VAC = NEMA 5-15

Power Tote Electric Tote Tank Heaters
The powerblanket® TOTE series tank heaters are flexible wrap around surface heaters utilizing powerblankets patented heat spreading technology to deliver a barrier of heat to temperature sensitive materials.
The TH330 - is a 330 gallon blanket heater providing a quick & easy way to warm your temp sensitive products. They fit nearly every standard tote tank utilizing adjustable nylon straps. Units include an adjustable thermostat and male/female power cords for easily adding multiple units to the same circuit.

Available in Standard Black Rubber Weather proof Membrane Jacket or New Heavy Duty Grey Alloy Weather proof Jacket!

Please refer to the Product Bulletin for more information.
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Catalog# Height Watts Volts Weight Price $
Std. Black / Grey Opt.
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Std. Black
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Grey Alloy
TH275-46x 46 Inches 1440 Watt 120 Volt 20 $2394.00 / $3222.40
TH330-42X 53 Inches 1440 Watt 120 Volt 20 $2430.48 / $4484.00

This heater NOW Comes with the GHT200-D Digital Thermostat
Easy Plug in design for Quick Set up!

Raise Liquid Temperature Poly Totes with a safe, efficient electric heater.

The contents in your tote tanks / IBCs, such as honey, molasses, or lube oil, can be slow moving and uncooperative when you need it most, especially when winter strikes. Heat allows the content to flow at a manageable rate. The wrap-around blanket design allows you to heat a tote tank / IBC in a non-invasive way. Unlike immersion heaters, wrap-around surface heaters will not contaminate or scorch your product. Insulated top is include for faster heat-up and more efficient temperature maintenance.

Max operating temperatures of 180ºF.

Heat Up Time for Drum Heaters (Enter Wattage used!)

Note: ** Ambient Conditions assumed = start up temperatures!
Tote Size
Temp Rise Required
Liquid In TanK
Enter Wattage Applied
Heat-up Time Un-Insulated Tote
Heat-up Time Insulated Tote

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