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Bung Entering Immersion Drum Heater

Bung Entering Immersion Steel Drum Heater
  • Bung entering drum heater fits through 2" bung opening
  • Adjustable bracket allows for use with various size containers
  • Pilot light indicates when element is heating
  • Bung entering immersion drum heater has "Cold rise" design for maximum efficiency. Thermal cut-out prevents low liquid level overheating. Connected to 240 VAC, unit produces 4000 watts, which is ideal for use with less viscous fluids, as it will raise 250 lbs. (30 gal.) of water to 50F in about one hour. With the unit connected to 120 VAC, 1000 watts will be generated for products such as oils and high viscosity liquids. Stainless Steel sheath for caustic, and water-based products. Calibrated thermostat 60-250F. Or Steel Sheath For Oils and oil based products. Please call for details.

    Note: Cord and plug not included. Must be wired according to the local electrical code.

New Price
Catalog# Drum Size Watts Volts Weight Price $ Add To Cart
Stainless Steel Sheath
DRA-1012 55 1000 120 Volt 10 581.00
DRA-4124 55 4000 240 Volt 10 581.00
Steel Sheath
SDRA-1012 55 1000 120 Volt 10 503.00
SDRA-4124 55 4000 240 Volt 10 503.00

Heat Up Time for Drum Heaters (Enter Wattage used!)

Note: ** Ambient Conditions assumed = start up temperatures!
Drum Size
Temp Rise Required
Liquid In TanK
Enter Wattage Applied
Heat-up Time Un-Insulated
Heat-up Time Insulated

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