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Over-the-Side Tank Heaters!
  • Designed for over the side mounting.
  • Perfect for:
    • Dip Tanks
    • Mixing Vats
    • Open Top tanks
We provide Temperature Controls to fit all tank heating applications.


Horizontal Mount

Take a look at the specification of this heater - Bulletin
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Over-the-Side heaters can solve a varity of application problems. No need to alter tank, cut out the side, weld flanges, or mount process bushing to the tank walls. Retrofit tanks quickly without losing portability.
Standard units in copper, steel, stainless, and Incoloy; custom units in 10 different sheath materials, liquidproof or explosion-resistant terminal boxes, hermetic terminal end seals, high temperature construction and built-in controls.


  • Specify Riser height.
  • Varity of Watt densities.
  • Specify sheath material.
  • UL Listed and CSA Approved.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mount
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Vertical Mount

Tank Heating Using Steam:

Go To Our Temperature Contro Panel Page Temperature Control Panels
We manufacture a complete range of temperature control panels designed for Electric & Steam Heat, pre-wired and on our shelf for Quick Ship.
Our Model# STD-48A335A is Designed specifically for Electric Heater Service and Includes:
    • Digital Temperature Controls
    • High Temp Alarms (Indicator Only)
    • Fused Output
    • High Cycle Mercury Contactors
    • On the Shelf For Quick Delivery
    • Mounted and Tagged to a clearly labeled terminal strip for easy installation.

We also Sell systems using:

  • Silicon Mats
  • Steam Coils
  • Drum Heaters
  • Silicone Tank heaters
  • Circulation Systems
    • steam
    • heat transfer oils

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