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Large Digit Indicating Timers

The Model #77 is a large 3" digit bright Red LED Digital Indicator that can be factory programmed for the following modes:

Model #77/705 Large Digit Elasped Timer.

Available as a millisecond, second, minute, or hour elasped timer.
(A) Display will accumulate time while the start input is closed and hold that time when open. The timer will reswet to zero with a momentary contact closure on the reset terminal
(B) Display will accumulate time as soon as a momentary stop input is applied. It will reset to zero with a momentary contact closure on reset terminal

Model #77/715 Large Digit Preset Timer.

Available as a millisecond, second, minute, or hour preset timer. A momentary start input resets the display and starts the timer. When the display reaches the preset time tit stops and its output energizes for a timed duration or until reset with an external input. The preset time is set with front panel thumbwheel switches.

Model #77/708 Clock Display
Six digit clock that displays hours, minutes and seconds; or as a 4 digit clock that displays hours and minutes or minutes and seconds.
Model #77/415 Rate Moniters
The rate monitor indicates the number per hour, minute or second as preprogrammed from the factory. An input is received from a NPN PNP or contact input. The moniter provides up to a 12 VDC power supply to power a proximity or photo-electric switch.
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