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Immersion Heaters
Flexiable Riser Immersion Heaters
  • Lengths up to 180"
  • Varity of Watt densities.
  • Corrosive resistant Sheath Materials
  • High Limit Built In (built-in)
  • UL Listed and CSA Approved.
  • Easy to mount in Existing tanks
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Flexriser Immersion Heaters are perfect for retrofit applications. Simply drop in for easy startup. We have provided a lot of this heater for tanker and closed top tanks. Mounting the heater through the Manway and placing a fitting on the manway for wiring. We provide complete Set up Instructions and Controls for monitoring and controlling tank temperature.
Standard units in come in copper, steel, stainless, and Incoloy; custom units are available in 10 different sheath materials, liquidproof or explosion-resistant terminal boxes, hermetic terminal end seals, high temperature construction and some built-in controls.
Oils - Corrosives - Food Processing - and Simple Water Designs
There are to many options to provide Pricing on the Internet,
so give us a CALL for a complete system price, layout and installation guide.

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    Tank Heating Control Panels:

    Go To Our Temperature Control Panel Page Temperature Control Panels
    We manufacture a complete range of temperature control panels designed for Electric & Steam Heat pre-wired and on our shelf for quick ship
    Our Model# STD-48A335A is Designed specifically for Electric Heater Service and Includes:
      • Digital Temperature Controls
      • High Temp Alarms (Indicator Only)
      • Fused Output
      • High Cycle Mercury Contactors
      • On the Shelf For Quick Delivery
      • Mounted and Tagged to a clearly labeled terminal strip for easy installation.
      • Temperature Controller Literature

    We also Sell systems using:

    • Silicon Mats
    • Steam Coils
    • Circulation Systems
      • steam
      • heat transfer oils

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