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Freezer Floor Freeze Protection


Freezers and other refrigerated storage areas are maintained at temperatures below freezing. Therefore, moisture in the soil under the floor can often freeze. Expansion of the soil caused by this freezing moisture can result in damage to the above concrete Floor. Some floors depending on size and temperature of the freezer have been observed to raise 6" to 12", or more. In most cases this causes the floor to crack, Doors no longer close and Buildings can become functionally unusable costing thousands of dollars in removal and replacement cost. Heat cable installed under the floor and in the substrate will prevent the soil from freezing. A little cost now saves thousands in the future.

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Heat Cable Frost Heave systems provide better monitoring and control, with less maintenance than Air or Glycol systems.
Self-regulating heat cable is uniquely designed to suit frost heave prevention systems. Self-regulating cable seeks to provide the proper wattage as the heat increases and decreases. Always providing the correct wattage to maintain 50 degrees F. The result is a very efficient system with built in safety. The cable is designed to heat the Ground not the floor of the freezer. Freezers pull the heat from the floor, and the cable replaces it.
    Usually a new floor starts with base or hard pack, the 3/4" rigid conduit is usually laid onto the base (minimum of 1" from below insulation) and filled with aggregate. Aggregate can be any standard non insulating fill material, rock, gravel, sand ect.

    Insulation is laid over the aggregate 4 to 6" is usually standard With a Vapor barrier laid over the insulation.

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Technical Assistance:

We provide complete layout assistance. Given the Dimmensions, Slab configuration, Temperatures and Electrical service available, we recommend a specific layout for conduit and electrical hookup. Each job is unique and we believe in providing very specific details for your installation.
  • floor layout with dimension drawings, showing spacing.
  • Electrical wiring detail showing load requirements, control wiring and monitoring wire.
  • Control Panel Schematic with control terminal details.

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Controls and Monitoring:

We provide a control system that is second to none. We realize that the strength of the system is in the controls. Losing a floor is not an option, so we use a state of the art PLC control monitor and alarm, that not only notifies, but tracks variables and resets. when you have a temperature problem we sound an alarm and after reset we will re-inialize the alarm every 24 hours until the problem is solved.
We monitor:
  • Floor Temperature
  • End of circuit monitors
  • GFI alarms
  • Faults conditional resets
Our Standard System includes troubleshooting guides built into the monitor to speed up maintenance solutions.

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How To Size Frost Heave Provention Systems!
Video of our Dual Control System!

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