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Acra Electric
"SRX" Series Drum Heaters

Please refer to the Drum Heater Safety for safety precautions and product warranty.
Infinite (variable) control with three heat switch

Increase flow rate of viscous heat sensitive materials with a safe, efficient electric drum heater.

Works Like your Stove top, Set how much heat you require not a set temperature.

  • 3-Wattage Selection Switch
  • Grounded Cord and Plug
  • Quick Connect Spring Clasp
The WRAP-IT-HEAT Model SRX Series Drum Heaters feature an INFINITE control supplying an ON/OFF heat PULSING action. The control varies the length of the ON segment of the cycle (at the wattage determined by the setting of the THREE HEAT SWITCH) and the OFF segment of the cycle (at zero wattage output). Model SRX is standard for METAL DRUMS Only.

Acra Model SRX Series Drum Heaters are designed for heating materials that are subject to coking, burning or chemical separation, such as food, chocolate, honey, light oils, chemical and undercoating materials, etc. The SRX does NOT have a thermostat and therefore will not AUTOMATICALLY reach and maintain a given temperature. However, the INFINITE control allows the operator to CLOSELY control the heater OUTPUT within a given range of HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW. The three heat switch allows three wattage ratings per control setting and voltage rating: HIGH, Maximum Watts; MEDIUM, 1/2 Maximum Watts and LOW, 1/4 Maximum Watts. Equipped with spring loaded toggle clamp for snug fit, 6 foot power cord and a special, electrically grounded, three pin plug.  For 120 Volt units, use Hubbell single outlet #HBL5361.  For 240Volt units, use Hubbell single outlet #HBL5661.
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Catalog# Drum Size Watts Volts Diameter Weight Price $ Add To Cart
SRX-55-115 55 1750 - 875 - 437 120 22-1/2 15 330.69
SRX-55-230 55 3000 - 1500 - 750 230 22-1/2 15 334.44
SRX-30-115 30 1750 - 875 - 437 115 18-1/2 12 319.81
SRX-16-115 16 1500 - 750 - 375 115 14-1/2 10 318.94
SRX-5-115 5 1500 - 750 - 375 115 11-1/4 8 296.56

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