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Sylvania Hot Air Tools!

The OSRAM SYLVANIA Hot Air Tool 3500, containing a built-in "K" type thermo-couple and highly efficient OSRAM SYLVANIA Serpentine element, yields a long life and fast heat-up. A stainless steel outer shield provides improved efficiency and element protection.
A slotted exit has been designed for ease of attachment to manifolds, flares, and nozzles. Not only does the built-in "K" type thermocouple allow for simplification of system assembly and consistency of temperature readings, but also may be used to either control or monitor air temperature. Air temperature can be controlled manually using a voltage control, or with a complete closed-loop control system capable of controlling to 1F of set point. A complete line of controls is available.
Hot Air Tool


  • Reaches full temperature in 6 seconds
  • Air temperature controllable to 1F
  • Built-in K type thermocouple
  • 1/4" hose barb air connection
  • High pressure positive air connection
  • Hot air to 1400F (760C)
  • Maximum inlet temperature 120F (49C)
  • Maximum operating pressure 60 PSI (4Bar)
  • CE

See Datasheet for More Information!
Serpentine II Elements (Use Housing 029763)
Part Number
Heater Style Volts Max Amps Max.
Operating Pressure
PSI (mBars)
068462 1500W 120 13 60 (4) 30 (14)
068463 2000W 240 9 60 (4) 70 (33)
068464 3500W 240 15 60 (4) 90 (43)

  • Nylon Pressure Tubing
    .25" x .31" (sold by the foot) (6.35mm x 7.9mm)
  • Flare (includes clamp)
    .06" x 2.5" (1.52mm x 63.5mm) opening

Heater Selection

To determine the proper size heater, plot a point, which defines your required air temperature and flow. The nearest curve to the right and above this point represents the proper heater selection. Then Click here to determine your require Wattage. and check out the definitions and theory Page.

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