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"JET" Series Air Heaters

SureHeat Jet Series    
Small System heater with controls

Control up to 1400 F.

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Small Package Hot Air Heater with Built-in Safety Sensors!
  • Precise, Controlled Hot air source for industrial applications!
  • Air Temp controllable up to 1400F
  • 3 to 8 KW (240 VAC)
  • Two internal Type K thermocouple sensors
  • Super Fast Heat Up / Cool Down
  • Max Pressure 60 p.s.i.
  • UL / CE approval
  • Special design available for Food Service
  • Max Inlet Temp 200 F
  • Control System designed for the Heater!
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Catalog# Watts Volts Inlet Size Outlet Size Weight Price $ Add To Cart
F074718 3000 240 V 1 phase 1" NPT 3/4" NPT 5 $844.00
F074719 8000 240 V 1 phase 1" NPT 3/4" NPT 5 $844.00
F074722 Sure Heat Controller w/ Digital indication and Duel input! 240 V 1 phase 15 $2205.00
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SureHeat Jet Heater and Control package
The Sure Heat System is a Unique design that incorporates both percise digital temperature control with the ablity to heat large volumns of are to temperature up to 1400 F

The Heater (JET) uses open coil high temperature serpentine Heater elements manufactured with high quality Nichrome resistance wire. This element is protected from high temperatures by a intergrated type K thermocouple sensor attached to the inlet element. The Exit temperature is monitored and controlled by a seperate thermocouple sensor located in the exit air stream. The heater case is manufactured in Stainless Steel and included a Composite junction box with a clearly labeled terminal strip for easy field wiring.
The SureHeat controller the heater uses a high speed Digital temperature controller and Solid state relay for super fast accurate control.

Heater Selection

To determine the proper size heater, plot a point, which defines your required air temperature and flow. The nearest curve to the right and above this point represents the proper heater selection. Then Click here to determine your require Wattage. and check out the definitions and theory Page.

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